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Do You Want A Well-Behaved Dog?

Permanent Solutions & Proven Results are the Backbone of Flagstaff Pet Dog Training!

Does your dog’s unruly behavior add stress to your life? les hommes sur les sites de rencontre All dogs are trainable! Yes, even your dog has the potential to be well behaved. No matter the breed, age or behavior problem, we understand and we can help! Professional Dog Training is one of the most valuable investments you can make to improve seeing someone and dating someone means your quality of life as well as your dogs!

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leute kennenlernen husum Fun clips of Nike & Milo practicing stays!!!!


Milo & Nike are sisters and their owners wanted to take them along on family outings. This is a clip of how well they learned to behave when out in public!

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Flagstaff Pet Dog Training Can Be Of Service To You!

We focus on regaining control and doing away with chaos and frustration!

Decades of experience, dedication, certifications, and a passion for well-behaved dogs are what drive us to be the best in the business! Training your dog with Flagstaff Pet Dog Training will be the only training you will ever need for the life of your dog! Training your dog is a valuable investment in your future as well as your dog’s. After training with us, you will have a reliably obedient dog in your home and in public! Imagine gaining the confidence to take your dog anywhere you ever wanted, and getting compliments rather than complaints! We have a variety of convenient and effective programs to ensure the permanent results you desire.

An important point that sets us apart is we take in a very limited number of dog and owner teams at a time. We are results oriented because we take a personal interest in each and every dog and owner that comes to us for help. [divider style=”hr-dotted”]


darius kamadeva dating skills Brother at Buffalo Park, Flagstaff Arizona


Brother is an 8 month old sweetheart that was the perfect example of out of control chaos! Now he is calm, happy and very well behaved even under stimulating circumstances!


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Flagstaff Pet Dog Training Offers Unique Board & Train Programs

Tell me your goals and I will make it happen!

Choosing one of our Board & Train programs enables us to effectively teach appropriate home manners 24/7. It also gives us the ability to have consistent one-on-one training to take your dog out with us into the real world. This style of training turns every day and every activity into a positive social learning experience. Then we follow through with private sessions to teach great post to read you how to maintain all your dog’s new behaviors! Space is limited to two dogs at a time and fills up fast so reserve your spot today! Flagstaff Pet Dog Training is located in Northern Arizona’s Coconino County servicing Flagstaff and surrounding areas.

[divider style=”hr-dotted”] Off leash control


This is a short clip of off leash control in a public park after training with Laura & Flagstaff Pet Dog Training! It includes coming when called and walking politely at your side!

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The Benefits Of Owning A Trained Dog Are Endless!

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to take your dog anywhere?

Imagine taking your dog to Home Depot, Peace Surplus, Babbitt’s, Altitudes, Petco, Petsmart, camping, or hiking and people are saying “Wow! He is so well behaved.” Imagine taking him for a walk knowing your dog is the best-behaved dog in the neighborhood! Your neighbors are in awe of the transformation, and envious of how well your dog listens to you. You might not want a Show Dog – but how about a dog you can show off and be proud of?
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