Day Training with Laura treat Our Dog Day Training program is designed to benefit busy dog owners who want to take a proactive approach to jump start the necessary training in order to have a well-behaved dog, but do not have the huge amount of time and effort it takes to teach reliable, long-term results! For your convenience, I will teach the desired behaviors and eliminate the unwanted behaviors while you are at work. Your dog will have a fun, interactive day while getting a much needed and valuable education every Monday – Friday, for 3 weeks. Once a week upon pick-up, you and I will work with your dog for 1 hour, so you can learn how to maintain and reinforce your dog’s new education. Imagine the convenience of your dog going to school to learn how to be the awesome dog you want him to be while you are at work!
This program includes:

  • A Behavior Questionnaire to determine your challenges and goals
  • A Behavior Consultation to discuss the behaviors you would like your dog to learn and the unwanted behaviors you would like to go away
  • 6 Learned Behaviors, typically but not limited to; Sit, Down, Stay, Place, Walk , & No
  • Extinguished Behaviors are typically but not limited to; Jumping Up, Barking, Pulling on the Leash, Begging & Chewing
  • 2 – 1+ Hour “Hands On” Personal & Private Coaching Lessons at the end of the first two weeks
  • 1 – 2+ Hour “Hands On” Personal & Private Coaching Lesson at your house at the end of the third week to aid in the behavioral transition from my home to yours
  • Unlimited Email Support for 4 additional months
  • Unlimited Phone Support for 4 additional months
  • The appropriate leash and collar for your dog is included
  • Lifetime 25% Discount on all Group Classes
  • A special bonus is your dog will be welcome to stay for refresher training/boarding anytime you are out of town! [After training and
    subject to availability] Cost of Program: $1697 I look forward to working with you and your dog! Please contact me to get started!