Dream Dog Program

buy nurofen foster This program is our navigate differin gel uk elite Boarding and Training program for owners who desire an obedient dog off leash. This program teaches your dog to respond obediently and reliably narrate bactroban cream price off leash, giving both you and your dog freedom from the leash! Imagine your feeling of pride and joy when your friends and family tell you your dog is the most well behaved dog they have ever seen! Imagine the comfort you will have knowing your dog will listen to you every time. This is a 6-week program with fantastic results! An Ecollar will be used in a Professional manner to achieve these results. Your dog will live in my house with myself and my dogs, in a loving, comfortable, supportive, fun home environment, under my direct training, supervision and care!

http://www.3www2.de/marcipanu/5798 This program includes:

  • A Behavior Questionnaire to determine your challenges & goals
  • A Background and Behavior Consultation to discuss the behaviors you would like your dog to learn as well as the behaviors you would like to go away
  • 8 Off Leash Learned Behaviors usually include but not limited to; Sit, Down, Walk [Next to Me], Stay, Place, Sit at the Door, No, and Come when I Call You
  • Extinguished Unwanted Behaviors will include, but not limited to; Jumping Up, Chewing, Barking, Pulling on the Leash
  • Photo and/or Video Updates weekly via my Facebook page or text messages
  • Verbal Updates weekly via Phone or Email whichever you prefer
  • This program includes brushing, ear cleaning and nail trims as needed
  • A Live Demonstration [your dog and I] to show you what your dog has learned
  • 1 – 3+ Hour “Hands On” Private Coaching Lesson at the end of the 6th week
  • 1 – 3+ Hour “Hands On” Private Coaching Lesson 7-10 days after you pick up your dog
  • 1 – 2+ Hour “Hands On” Private Coaching Lesson 14-21 days after you pick up your dog
  • 1 – 1 Hour Private Refresher Lesson each month for the following 3 months
  • The appropriate leash, collar and tab leash for your dog is included in this program. There is an additional charge for the Ecollar
  • Unlimited Phone Support for 6 months
  • Unlimited Email Support for 6 months
  • Lifetime 25% discount on all Group Classes
  • A special bonus is your dog will be welcome to stay for refresher training/boarding anytime you are out of town! [After training and subject to availability]

click for source ascertain http://lifeskillstrain.com/97542-indulekha-tel-price.html Cost of Program: $3447

afrikanische sie sucht ihn I look forward to working with you and your dog! Please contact me to get started!