Private Coaching for You and Your Dog

project benadryl price Let us be your private dog training coach! This program is for the DIY’er [Do It Yourselfer]. If you have the time and energy and are willing to put forth the effort to train your dog, but don’t know where to start, this is the program for you! I will guide you with knowledge, techniques, & tips and tricks to start transforming your dog from Mischievous to Mannered! Imagine learning how to stop your dog’s incessant barking, or your dog greeting you, your friends and family without jumping on them. Picture yourself taking your dog for a nice calm quiet walk through the neighborhood! speak This program is three, 1.5 Hour lessons at 1 week intervals and includes:

  • A Behavior Questionnaire to fill out regarding the issues you are having
  • A Behavior Consultation to discuss your goals and your challenges
  • 3 Learned Behaviors typically; Place, Walk  and Stay
  • Extinguished Unwanted Behaviors typically; Jumping up, Barking, Pulling on the leash
  • 3 – 1.5 Hour “Hands On” Personal and Private Coaching Lessons at Your House and your neighborhood
  • The appropriate leash and collar for your dog is included

imitrex price еlicit Cost of Program: $497 I look forward to working with you and your dog! Please contact me to get started!